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3 · 5 Jun 14 | Thematic Seminar - Hungary

From the 3rd of June till 5th of June, the Hungarian partner of the InCompass project, Pannon Business Network (PBN) hosted the thematic seminar. The main goal of the meeting was to analyse and discuss the learnings of the study visit in Aviles, Spain, back in November 2013, just as to decide on the main focus of the Final Conference later 2014.

The partners arrived in Szombathely on the 2nd of June, and the seminar started with open discussions on the 3rd. After clarifying all the relevant project issues within the steering group meeting, the partnership discussed the possible content, date and key speakers of the final conference. The meeting will be on the 18th of November 2014, but the details will be clarified and decided in the coming weeks.

Another main topic of the seminar was the current stand of the Regional Implementation Groups (RIG) and the Regional Implementation Plans (RIP). PBN introduced the method they use to communicate with the RIGs in 7 Interreg IVC projects, and how the learnings of the InCompass project is already integrated into the regional development plan.
Image - PictureFollowing this, all the partners introduced their own region’s implementation groups and status of the implementation plans. All partners could have an overview which methods are used in the different countries, what are the difficulties of the implementation and which good practices could be transferred. Of course, every single partner has its own way for both organising and leading the RIGs and preparing the implementation.

Regarding the study visit to Aviles, the partnership started to collect all the information which is necessary and usefult. All visited places and good practices were discussed and the partners tried to define the most transferable ideas and solutions. Based on the fact that all the study visits were held already, the partnership also started to define all the best practices from the whole project. This of course is a more difficult topic due to the fact that “good practices” have a different meaning and methodology for each partner. To be able to find out the best practices, there’s still a lot of work to do in the project’s remaining lifetime.

Two visits were also held in Hungary. On the 2nd meeting day, the partnership travelled to Győr to visit the MOBILIS house of discovery, which is an organisation to see basic physical theories in practices. In most exhibits, the workings of cars were presented, but also chemical presentation was held for the partners. All this exhibits are presented on a really creative and interesting way, so that not only adults but kids can be attracted to physics.

On the last day of the seminar, partners went to visit the Gothard Observatory in Szombathely, where the creative solutions and ideas for the future space technologies and main project ideas were presented. Partners also had the chance here to discuss future cooperation possibilities in different project areas not only in space technology development but also data processing.

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