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Sofia RIG’S activities within Incompass Project

As part of the implementation of the RIGs activities within InCompass project in Sofia three types of focus groups have been formed. Each one is composed of different key players in the field of creative industries and culture business incubating as follows:
  1. Potential users/clients of the incubator
  2. Potential partners and competitors of the incubator
  3. Experts and researchers
Image - PictureEach focus group has specific topics, targets and aims which will contribute for the development of Regional Development Plan in Sofia in the field of culture incubators. Three discussion meetings for each one of the three focus groups are supposed to be conducted till project end.
Image - Picture The focus groups will allow in-dept discussions and group analysis on the environment of creations and existence of creative business incubator in Sofia as well as about its profile – model of working, services to be offered, potential partners, role of Sofia Municipality and others. One of the key questions will be what should be the focus of the incubator concerning the creative sectors or, in other words, what kind of artists and creative entrepreneurs should be its incubates.

The expert Yuriy Vulkosky (Foundation for Urban Projects and Research,Sofia) within InCompass project will support the work of the three focus groups. Besides the focus group discussion meetings several additional tools and activities are envisaged to be used.

  • Desk research for identification of additional stakeholders and further development of the Sofia InCompass database of artists, art organizations, creative entrepreneurs and other interested parties. In addition, the desk research will identify and analyse new reports and documents on creative industries in Sofia.

  • Development, dissemination and analysis of online questionnaire among the representatives of the three focus groups. There are four main group of questions: (1) Questions about the need of creation of a creative business incubator in Sofia; (2) Questions about the expected/needed profile of such a business incubator; (3) Questions about the expected role and responsibilities of Sofia Municipality in the creation and development of the incubator; (4) Questions about the profile of the respondents. The questionnaire is already available here (Bulgarian only):
  • Series of semi-structured interviews with potential users/clients of the incubator, with potential partners and competitors of the incubator and with experts and researchers. The interviews will address similar groups of questions: the expected profile and model of working of a creative business incubator, the role of Sofia Municipality and other institutions, and others. But interviews with experts and researchers will cover also other questions like the wider context and how it could affect the future incubator, expert analysis of the potential sustainability of the incubator and others.
All of the data and analysis will be presented in front of the Regional Implementation Group and after focus group discussions will be used for the preparation of the Regional Implementation Plan. In addition, a conference on creative entrepreneurship in Sofia is planned for the end of July 2014 and it will open a wider platform for the discussion of the research results and for additional involvement of the interested parties.
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