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The Province of Milan is a local Government Authority which represents 134 borough councils (including the city of Milan) within the Lombardy region.

The Province of Milan governs the largest metropolitan area in Italy, and is situated in the middle of one of the 5th largest regions of Europe.

According to the principle of subsidiary Province of Milan’s responsibilities are coming from different levels of power, both regional and national, having administrative functions in several areas: environmental protection and exploitation; cultural heritage; roads and transport; secondary education and professional training; employment; innovation and economic development.

In order to improve and sustain the economic development, the Province works in coordination with the Region and the Municipalities. It is aimed at linking the local and the regional levels and at defining strategic programs based on proposals and needs coming up from municipalities. Moreover the Province organizes the planning activity across the different municipalities and defines the guidelines for the territory management.

The economic development sector of the Province of Milan deals with the promotion and support for economic development in the Milanese area. It is a mission carried out with the involvement of all stakeholders, whether public or private, who operate in the area.

The main interventions of the sector fall into three distinct areas :
  • the stimulation of local economic development via a solid structure of services;
  • the promotion of technological innovation and the dissemination of new technologies;
  • The development of initiatives which favour the creation of new entrepreneurial businesses.
The Economic Development sector of the Province of Milan follows a lot of local and European projects concerning innovation, support of SMEs, creativity and cultural industries.

At the moment it’s partner in 4 european projects:

and leads several local projects in collboration with other local institutions and the regional authority.

Title RIG

Economic Development department of Province of Milan, is setting up the Lombardy Regional Implementation Group (RIG) which is represented by a permanent working table between institutions and incubators of Milan and Lombardy area.

The Lombardy RIG, renamed “MI.LO – Milan and Lombardy working table between institutions and incubators”, will work in harmony with the purposes and results emerged from the activities of InCompass Project.

The working table MI.LO., through the discussions and networking actions, aims to develop and to increase the collaboration among participants, reducing the fragmentation of the system and providing guidelines to improve the policies in support of incubators and their sustainability.

Specific objective of MI.LO. will be also the promotion of creative economy in Lombardy region, incentivizing an open debate about the specific needs of creative industries and supporting targed policies and services to recognize the relevant role of innovation produced by creative industries within Lombardy economic system.

MI.LO participants:
Milan municipality
Lombardy Region
Province of Milan
Milan Chamber of Commerce
Euroimpresa Legnano – Business Innovation Center –
Parco Tecnologico Padano – Technological Park
Acceleratore d’impresa politecnico – Polihub – Enterprise Accelerator
Make a Cube – Incubator –
The Hub Milano
ComoNEXt – Technological Science Park –
Vodafone Xone Italia – Enterprise Accelerator
Digital Magics – Incubator
Filarete – Business Accelerator

Title The Region

Situated in the North of Italy, Lombardia has a population of nearly 10 millions inhabitants distributed over an area of approx. 24,000 square Kilometres. There are 12 Provinces and 1564 municipalities.

A series of indicators proves the vitality of the Lombard economic system: the gross domestic product amounts around 296 billion euro and represents 20% of the national value.

In Lombardy creativity is expresses in all its forms: fashion, design, architecture, culture and new media.

The classic major assets of Lombard economy are fashion and design, two sectors in which the added value is above all due to creativity and innovation. In particularly fashion, has traditionally elected Milan as its national capital. Over half of Italian stylists and designers are Lombard.

Design is an other asset of the Lombard economic system’s excellence. A sign of the close relationship with this sector also comes from the dewing of the Museum of Design, which is set up in the palace of the Milan Triennale.

By focusing on research and innovation, the Lombardy region aspires to attracting and facilitating the sitting of high value added production activities, upgrading human resources and recruiting young talent.

Title The City

Milan is the second-largest city in Italy and the capital of Lombardy as well as of the Province of Milan.

It’s located within one of the most articulated and complex territorial settings in Europe from a social and economic-production point of view.

Milan is the leading metropolitan area in Italy: in terms of dimensions, economic importance, cultural level and political influence, “Greater Milan” is very much the centre in the Italian economy, comparable in importance with the largest developed regions in Europe.

With the headquarters of multinational groups as RCS and Mondadori, Milan has always been Italy’s media industry capital. A recent census put the number of companies involved in the publishing and printing cycle in the province of Milan at 4,754 and the number of publishing houses proper at 700, or 21% of the national total; within this segment, the weight of companies operating exclusively in multimedia publishing is on the rise.

Milan is considered the Italian capital of creativity. A worker out of five, in Milan, deals with innovation and creativity. The entire sector employs more than 350 000 people, the 20.4% of the employed population.

Creative and cultural industry is a driving force for the Milanese local development and economic regeneration for the territory in terms of job creation and valorisation of new job profiles. Milan is an Archipelago of creative islands lacking of identification and communication among them. Performance indicators as well as initiatives supporting the creative industry show the high dynamism of the Province of Milan as institution in supporting creativity.
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