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The current local government structure has been in place since 1990. It is composed of a mayor, a city board, a city council, city commissions, and a city magistrate's office.

The mayor, based at the Primate's Palace, is the city's top executive officer and is elected to a four-year term of office. The current mayor of Bratislava is Milan Ftáčnik.

As far as the economic, innovation and creative economy development is concerned, the city of Bratislava has different priorities:

- From direct effects (job opportunities) to indirect effects (attractive city)
- Facilitate entrepreneurship in new economy sectors (ICT, creative industry, high-techs sectors...)
- Direct market opportunities to make Bratislava more attractive city to work, live, visit and relax (for example: as catalyst for urban area development)

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The Incompass approach is particularly important in developing the role of creative industry within Bratislava city/region and creating a triple-helix of local and national authority: city of Bratislava, Bratislava Self Governing Region, Ministry of the Culture, Slovak Business Agency (SBA), Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency (SIEA)), the knowledge institutions (Comenius University, University of Economics, Academy of Performing Arts Bratislava), the business community and the local NGOs.

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Bratislava as a central European city, has got a strategic geographical location on the longest European river Danube, connecting Baltic and Black See. Is situated in the extreme southwest of Slovakia.

Bratislava disposes with significant intellectual capacities, it is the first university, scientific and educational pole of Slovakia. In 2010, one third (11) from the total number of 33 academic institutions, was located in Bratislava municipality that has had also the biggest share of population with academic education (23,85%) and 40,7% share from the total number of students in Slovakia.

Bratislava has also the dominant position in Slovakia in the field of science and research. In 2009, Bratislava municipality concentrates 48% of employees in research and development and 51% of science and research costs.

Excellent science and technology fields in which Bratislava has dominant position are:
  • Biomedical engineering and environmental health
  • Progressive materials, energy and energetics
  • Knowledge technologies with the ICT support

Bratislava region, is the wealthiest and economically most important region in Slovakia, with nearly 45,000 enterprises. More than 75% of Bratislava's population works in the service sector, mainly composed of trade, banking, IT, telecommunication industry, tourism.

Even if Bratislava region is a small European region, it is a region where creative and cultural industries command an unusually high share of regional employment as well as being the 12th highest in Europe by CCI LQ and CCI Focus (Priority sector report: Creative and cultural industries, The European Clusters Observatory, 2011).
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